Proposed EPA rollback concerns environmental activists

Bill Grady
October 10, 2017 - 6:43 am

Environmentalists are worried after the Trump administration said the coal industry should not be singled out as a polluter. 

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt is expected Tuesday to sign a proposed rule withdrawing from the Clean Power Plan, President Obama's concept to reduce greenhouse gas levels. Current EPA officials say the CPP is illegal.

Continuing to use coal to generate energy will cause more health problems, accelerate climate change and makes no sense for job growth, says John Hickey, director of the Missouri chapter of the Sierra Club. 

There's a new wind farm that's about to go on-line outside of Kansas City in the next couple weeks," Hickey said. "The big job creater right now in the Missouri, as well as in the country, is clean energy technologies."

Missouri is among more than two dozen states that sued the EPA over the Obama plan, citing federal overreach. The plan required states to submit plans to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by September 2016, or if an extension were to be approved, by September 2018. States not in compliance would have plans imposed upon them by the EPA. 

The Sierra Club plans to fight the CPP withdrawal in courtrooms and by holding meetings with public utilities. 

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