Private snow removal businesses in Kansas City are piling up the cash

Marc LaVoie
February 20, 2019 - 7:21 am

Kansas City, MO - Contractors who are hired to clear parking lots say they are having a boom year after surviving several dry winters.

"The phones ring and we keep going," said Drew Snyder, who has run KC Skyline Lawns for three years.

At peak times, Skyline's plow operators have worked 24-hour shifts, and they continue to sign new contracts. 

The winter weather represents a unanticipated expense for a lot of businesses and organizations.

"Every dollar that we spend on snow removal and ice removal is a dollar that is taken away from programming for our kids," said Dred Scott, president of the Kansas City Boys and Girls Club, which has spent $6,000 on snow removal at its six locations. "That's what our key focus is."

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