Private coaching and lessons an increasing trend for young athletes

Rebecca Crockett
October 30, 2019 - 10:01 am
A man coaches a young football player on how to carry the ball

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Kansas City, MO - Youth and high school sports have become increasingly competitive over the years, and an increasing number of parents are hiring specialty coaches to give their kids a competitive advantage.

And it's not all about winning games, but overall athletic health.

"These kids come in anywhere from one to four times a week, and we create special, individualized programs, in order to help them, not only as athletes in their respective sports, but as athletes in general," said Alex Phillips, a strength and conditioning coach at KC Speed and Sport.

Baseball parents also sign up their kids for focused lessons in hitting and throwing.

In football, there are camps for specialized positions, including linemen and quarterbacks. Young hockey players can get training to become better skaters and shooters.

Any athlete who is serious about development and competition can benefit from specialized training, Phillips said.

"One, just to help with injury prevention, and two, it helps strengthen their bodies to better perform in their sport that they're actively competing in," she said.

A naturally good athlete is going to do well most of the time, but better training can elevate a mediocre peformer to the 'next level', Phillips said.

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