This spooky season, prepare for a haunting at The Elms Hotel and Spa

KMBZ News Staff
October 11, 2019 - 5:17 am

Brian Lock / KMBZ


Excelsior Springs, MO - You may feel like you're never alone at the Elms Hotel and Spa.

It's not the other hotel guests, but perhaps the spirits of guests and employees of yore.

The Elms has a long, storied reputation of being a destination for those interested in an interaction with the paranormal, due in part to its age - the original hotel first opened in 1888.

John Mormino is the General Manager at The Elms. He says its age and history have a lot to do with the spirits roaming the halls. 

"There is a belief that, at times, people will relive some of their happiest moments after they pass," Marmino explained. "And they will sort of get stuck in this loop of reliving those moments."

Mormino said  that after 20 years at the hotel, he's had numerous personal experiences he just can't explain.

He's not the only one, either. 

Guests and staff members share stories every single week of their own experiences, that just leave them dumbfounded, or feeling uneasy. One involves a snowy wedding in the outdoor gazebo. 

"Well, we didn't actually have an outdoor ceremony," Marmino said. "A couple insisted, 'well, we just saw a bride and groom out there.' We went out there and looked, there were no tracks, there was nothing. And remember, it has just snowed."

Another involves an unusual enocounter in the indoor pool in the early 80s.

"They were so adamant that somebody was floating in the bottom of the pool, because they saw a dark shadow, that they actually jumped in," Marmino said. "Because there were two other guests screaming, that somebody had drowned, but as soon as they jumped in, the figure just disappeared."

For a while, the hotel tried to hide its so-called "hauntings" from the public, but as time went on, stories became so prevalent that they were impossible to keep under wraps.

That hasn't been bad for business, either, as guests lined up on a suddenly chilly Thursday to check in at the grand old Elms Hotel and Spa. 

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