Players not the only Chiefs with off-season workout regimen

KMBZ News Staff
August 09, 2019 - 6:44 am

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When Dan Meers earned a college degree in communication he had no idea it would lead to a three-decade stint as KC Wolf, mascot of the Kansas City Chiefs.

One thing a sports mascot has to learn is how to be funny and entertaining without using worlds. Meers gets a lot of his ideas from old cartoons.

"Cartoon characters are great about expressing their emotions without using their voices, so if a cartoon character gets mad, he kicks the dirt," Meers said.

Meers learned that he can communicate to a child who speaks any language when he is in costume. He's been on trips to India and Africa. When the costume comes off, Meers looks for a translator.

The KC Wolf costume weighs about 35 pounds and it gets really hot inside, even when the weather is chilly. No matter the conditions, Meers wears shorts and a teeshirt under the costume. He switches shirts throughout the game because he sweats even in freezing temperatures. He says the Chiefs players are not the only ones who have to be in shape for football season.

"You definitely have to condition for the job," Meers said. "Everything I do is for endurance purposes."

The other thing Meers has to watch is his fluid intake. KC Wolf works hard on Sundays.

"Lots of water, lots of Gatorade, just to make sure your body stays hydrated," he said.

The Chiefs begin the preseason schedule at Arrowhead against the Cincinatti Bengals. Kickoff is 7 p.m. Saturday. 

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