Parson's key priorities for Missouri in 2019: Infrastructure and workforce development

Marc LaVoie
January 17, 2019 - 7:28 am

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson laid out his agenda for infrastructure and workforce development in his state of the state address.

The governor proposed a new $22-million grant program to help adults get degrees they need to land high-demand jobs. He also called for $16 million for colleges and universities to develop and expand employer-driven training programs.

"We must consider making necessary changes to our education programs, and update the training pipelines to ensure economic growth in Missouri," Parson said.

Parson called for repairs to 250 bridges around the state. 

"We will be freeing up nearly $350 million in state and federal resources, allowing us to excellerate MoDOT's current list of state infrastructure projects," Parson said.

Voters rejected a fuel tax increase to support infrastructure improvements. Parson said that does not mean lawmakers should not try to find ways to fix roads and bridges.

"This raises the challenges for each of us to find even more creative ways to locate savings to make more substantial investments in our infrastructure without a tax increase to the people of Missouri," Parson said. 

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