Parenting expert offers advice in making baby ready for first winter

KMBZ News Staff
December 03, 2018 - 6:47 am

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The most obvious need when preparing a baby for cold weather is making sure he or she is warm enough, but there is a right way and a wrong way check.

"The way we check for warmth is not by hands and feet," said Dr. Yvonne Gustafson, a parenting expert. "Instead, place your fingers at the base of their neck."

Other tips; dress the baby in one layer more than you dress yourself, and ditch the winter coat when using a carseat. A bulky coat can create a situation in which the restraints do not lay properly.

Some of the warning signs a baby may be to cold including shivering, cold and red hands or feet, pale or hard hands or feet, lethargy and blue lips. The last few symptoms can mean something very serious is going on, and medical attention is necessary right away. 

Draping a blanked over a stoller or a car seat is not a bad idea, so long as it does not compromise airflow, Gustafson said.

Babies can develop dry, cracking skin in the winter months, so experts recommend lotion and avoiding products that tend to deplete natural oils.


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