Package thefts have already started this holiday season

What you can do to fight off holiday thieves

Kara Marxer
November 30, 2017 - 8:21 am

Prairie Village police say they've already had a couple of reports of packages stolen off of front porches and its a tough crime to solve.

Sgt. Eric McCullough says often neighbors are the ones that catch the package theives."very often there is a delay in reporting a theft because people don't know they hvae their package taken." Sgt. McCullough says,"Sometimes we get reports when things are in progress.  That's our best chance to actually catch somebody on a package theft".

So what can you do? McCullough says schedule the delivery for when you're home, or have a neighbor grab your package for you. 

You can even tell the delivery company to require a signature or just have it held at the distribution center until you can go pick it up.

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