Overland Park baker makes television debut on Food Network

Robert Duensing competes in the Christmas cookie challenge

Michael Ronnebaum
December 04, 2017 - 5:15 am

Robert Duensing, the co-owner of Best Regards Bakery and Cafe in Overland Park, has been baking cookies for over twenty years. 

Tonight he'll make his television debut as a contestant on Food Network's Cookie Christmas Challenge. Robert says, "tonight will be the first time I see it. I know a lot of the things that happened but I don't know what stories they are going to tell and I didn't watch anyone else who was competing." 

Robert was approached by corporate executives months ago. His speciality's include apple pie cookies and Robka, which is a spruced up version of Bobka. 

You can view Robert compete in the Cookie Christmas Challenge tonight on the Food Network at nine o'clock.



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