Open Belly podcast opens its heart to Kansas City's immigrant and refugee communities

Kansas City's Morning News
August 08, 2019 - 4:47 am

Open Belly Podcast / Danielle Lehman


Kansas City is home to hundreds of great restaurants, and a podcast is shining a light on some of the best among them - with a bit of a twist.

Host Danielle Lehman says she started the Open Belly podcast to give immigrant and refugee-owned restaurants in the metro some well-deserved attention. 

"My perception of Kansas City when I moved back here after living in California was that we have great food, but it's mostly meat and potatoes and barbeque," Lehman explained. "I had no idea how many different restaurants there were and that's what I really want to help bring awareness to. That we have so much here than anyone would expect or think."

Open Belly season one was so successful, it's hitting the road for season two this fall, heading out to explore the role of immigrants and refugees in restaurants in the big apple. 

"I think even if you aren't living in New York or don't have plans to visit New York any time soon it's still really fascinating," Lehman said. "Most of the restaurants that we interview - if you're not able to visit them in New York, there's a similar type of cuisine available here in Kansas City."

You can explore the immigrant food scene in KC by listening to Open Belly in your favorite podcache, and season two is slated to premiere in mid-September. 

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