Online option allows Johnson County clinic users to avoid long lines

Jim Cunningham
July 20, 2017 - 6:10 am

Johnson County is expanding a service for people who visit health and environment offices. 

The virtual queue service, called QLESS, has been used for some time at drivers license and tag offices. Now people who need to have their children immunized can check in from remote locations and avoid waiting in line.

This time of year, the lobbies at county clinics usually fill up quickly with parents and their children who need their shots before school starts. 

"We just felt like creating an online ability for folks to get in line for services and to be notified when it was close to their time," said Lougene Marsh, Johnson County Department of Health and Environment Director.

QLESS is available for people who visit both of the county's clinics.

"It can be utilized at our 6000 Lamar location in Mission or at our Olathe location at 11875 South Sunset Drive," Marsh said.

To get in line online go to the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment website or download the QLESS mobile app.

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