Olathe 'motovlogger' finds success by spreading positivity in YouTube videos

KMBZ News Staff
November 19, 2018 - 6:42 am

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Walteriffic is a name that does not ring a bell among most parents, but their kids probably know him. 

Walteriffic, as he calls himself on his YouTube channel, makes videos with a small GoPro camera attached to his motorcycle helmet. The 26-year-old rides around town, talking to people he meets and commenting on things he sees. He calls himself a motovlogger.

His fans can't get enough.

"I just like that he's always upbeat, happy," said one fan. "It's a good way to start or end the day, honestly."

Walteriffic had been posting videos consistently for about a year, and he was close to giving up, when his subscribers nearly tripled overnight. In April 2014 he was able to make YouTube his full time job. His channel is up to 1.5 million subscribers. 

"I think there's enough negative like-minded content out there, and I really like to try to be a positive influence to people," Walterrific said. "I think the people I meet make a really good point to thank me for being so positive, so I want to reciprocate and make sure they feel great."

Walteriffic believes there is no magic answer to becoming a successful YouTuber.

"Find something you're really passionate about and keep doing it," Walteriffic said. "If you're doing something you don't really care about, you're going to lose the energy and the passion, and you're going to get burned out."

Walterrific said he continues to improve on the quality of his work, he stays consistent with his posting and he hands out what he calls "spam cards" to fans on the street, to spread the word.

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