Northland residents frustrated with missing, misdelivered mail

Jim Cunningham
May 03, 2017 - 5:42 am

People from more than a dozen Northland subdivisions say they are upset about what they call lousy mail delivery, and the problem is not new or isolated.

The problem involves mail that is delivered to the wrong addresses or not at all, said Damian Jaudegis, who lives in the Barry Brooke subdivision. 

"I'm not really sure how exactly how this many mistakes can be made," Jaudegis said. "You have an address -- you deliver the mail to that address."

Some people point their fingers at the mail sorting process; others say the mixups are caused by careless letter carriers. 

There was some confusion when one carrier had to miss work for an extended illness, said Stacy St. John, U.S. Postal Service spokeswoman in Kansas City.

"Apparently there were some delivery issues, however those have been addressed and the regular carrier is back," St. John said. "(It's) clearly not indicative of the way we handle any emergencies or replacements."  

The USPS is working to correct the service issues and they appreciate feedback from the public when they fall short of expectations, St. John said. 

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