Northland residents displeased with Section 8 housing project

Michael Ronnebaum
July 20, 2017 - 6:33 am

Kansas City, MO - The Kansas City Housing Authority has a plan to build affordable housing on land along North Platte Purchase Rd.

It's causing a stir among Northland residents. Around 4,000 have signed a petition against the plan, and have told their councilmember they are dead set against the construction of lower income housing near their homes.

"Right now it's just in the talking phase, as far as I'm concerned," said Dan Fowler, Kansas City Second District Councilman, who says no plan has been finalized.  

Funding would come from a $30-million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. An agreement was reached in 2015 to move lower-income residents from the Chouteau Courts along Independence Avenue to different areas around the Kansas City metro area.

"We've identified different parcels -- we've been meeting with the different neighborhoods near those parcels to identify concerns that they may have, to inform, to educate, and we're still in that process," said Edwin Lowndes, executive director for the Housing Authority in Kansas City. 

Lowndes says he wants to teach people about who actually lives in public housing.

"The only real difference between the families we serve and the families living up north of the river is their economic status," Lowndes said.

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