Where are we? Must be North Kansas City. It says so on the arch!

KMBZ News Staff
August 21, 2018 - 11:19 am

North Kansas City, MO - Let's be perfectly clear... North Kansas City is not Kansas City, Missouri. 

Sometimes called 'Northtown', the completely seperate, and some would argue very different, city of North Kansas City has long had a challenge with branding, with standing out, says Sara Copeland, Community Development Director for NKC.

The city is hoping a new gateway arch will help with that as it works to distinguish itself from the big city of KCMO.

The new 26-foot high, 76-foot long, 7-ton arch straddles Armour Road a few feet from Burlington, just to the west of North Kansas City's burgeoning downtown. 

And it spells out the name of where you are rather plainly.


The $297,000 arch was installed a month ago and tonight the city of North Kansas City is holding a ribbon cutting.

And for more clarification... while North Kansas City is not KCMO, nor is it Kansas City, North... it is in the Northland. 

Hey, if you can figure out that the big Kansas City is in Missouri, and there's another one in Kansas... you got this.



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