'No-tag' trash amnesty week underway in KCMO

KMBZ News Staff
July 06, 2020 - 11:15 am
stacks of filled black trash bags

Getty / islander11


Kansas City, MO - This week is a 'trash amnesty' week for KCMO residents.  

Typically, residents are allowed just two bags of trash per household per week, and must purchase tags to mark additional bags of trash. 

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During this scheduled 'amnesty' week, residents are allowed to put out up to 12 bags on the curb with no additional tags needed. 

The city usually has two trash bag 'amnesty' weeks - after the 4th of July holiday and after Christmas when households generate more residential trash.  In April of this year, the city added an extra 'no-tag' week due to the coronavirus pandemic and the cancellation of neighborhood clean-up days and due to the larger amount of trash generated by folks staying home.

 This 'amnesty' allows resident to put out up to 12 bags, weighing less than 40 pounds each. The city of KCMO says regular trash rules apply - No hazardous waste, bulky items or leaf and brush will be collected.

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