County legislator: No straight answer from administrator on tax valuations

Bill Grady
September 18, 2019 - 4:32 am
Man is upset with high tax bill in the mail

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The plot has thickened in Jackson's County's tax assessment boondoggle, and a legislator is upset that county administrators knew valuations would skyrocket months ago, but kept the information to themselves.

"We have found that they actually knew about this back in March, which is aggravating, and it makes me very angry, and it's making a lot of other constituents that are finding out about this even more angry at the process," said Theresa Galvin, who represents the county's sixth district.

Galvin asked chief administration officer Ed Stroll about when the problem came to light.

"I actually asked someone in administration last week," Galvin said. "I don't know that he knew that I had already read the emails, but I asked when they first found out and he would not give me a straight answer."

Galvin says the leadership may have thought they could solve the assessment problem before it got out of hand, but legislators have business acumen, and could have offered to help.

Property owners who appealed their assessments are attending hearings as the county hires additional hearing officers.

County executive Frank White and his staff are not commenting on the assessments while the appeals process plays out.

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