NKC's historic Screenland Armour theater to expand, add screens

Jim Cunningham
February 27, 2018 - 4:07 am

Screenland Theaters


North Kansas City, MO - The 90-year-old Screenland Armour theater is expanding to accomodate more movie showings and longer engagements.

The movie house in Northtown has survived while most independent theaters have closed to be replaced by huge multiplexes.

Screenland, at 408 Armour Rd. in North Kansas City, is getting two new screens, more lobby space and other amenities. Renovations are underway and should take two to three months, according to Adam Roberts, owner and operator.

Limited by its two screens, Screenland cannot accept some popular movies because the studios require longer engagements.

"There are so many movies that we can't show," Roberts said. "I think that's our biggest struggle over the years, being able to grow with the small amount of films we're able to showcase."

Screenland has launched a Kickstarter campaign to offset some of the cost of expansion, which is expected to run about $250,000.

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