NKC district expands athletic training program to middle schools

Jim Cunningham
July 14, 2017 - 6:25 am

About 500 students in the North Kansas City School District are taking part in an athletic training program that was developed in partnership with Mosaic Life Care.

The program has already been in place for high school students. It is now being expanded to serve middle schoolers. 

"I think it will be helpful, especially if somebody gets injured, and they need to know if it's a minor injury or a serious injury," said Kintzli Wagner, an 8th grader who takes part in multiple sports.

The main idea for the program is prevention, said Tony Phillips, Mosaic sports medicine director.

"We're hoping, as 9th graders step into the high schools, they already know how to use a trainer, they already know what a trainer's for, and I think we can prevent a lot of injuries because of that," Phillips said. 

North Kansas City is the first major school district in the metro to implement this type of program in its middle school system.

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