NICU babies dress for Halloween at St. Luke's in Kansas City

October 25, 2017 - 3:10 pm

Kansas City, MO - One of the great joys for many parents is dressing up their babies for Halloween.  But at St. Luke's Hospital, the tiniest of babies - born premature - can't leave the neonatal intensive care unit, so Halloween comes to them.

The March of Dimes brought in volunteer photographers to document the party as families donned their preemies in costumes.

Palemia was born at 29 weeks and six days to Laina and Andre Taylor. She weighed two pounds, nine ounces.

The Taylors chose a Supergirl costume. "Because she's our super girl. She's a whopping 4-pounds 2-ounces,"said mother Laina.  

"Good thing to do specially since we can't bring em home," said Andre. "You have to come here, it's her first Halloween, our first Halloween. Nice to be able to have this opportunity."


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