KCI prepares for flights to be impacted by Hurricane Dorian

Travelers have construction and Dorian to dodge

KMBZ News Staff
August 30, 2019 - 6:27 am

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- More than 17 million Americans are expected to fly during Labor Day Weekend, with the peak days for flights coming today and next Monday.

At KCI, 242,000 people will be jetting off, and some of them are headed directly into the path of Hurricane Dorian, which is forecast to strike Florida on Labor Day.

Joe McBride, KCI spokesman, said that if you're caught up in the storm, most airlines will work with you, but your flight may not take off on time. . .or at all. 

"If you want to go ahead with your flight, it's certainly okay to do, but there's a good chance your flight might be canceled," McBride said. 

Flying out of KCI right now is going to be a little different, too, thanks to the ongoing construction to make way for the new single terminal airport.

McBride said when you're headed into KCI coming off of I-29, slow down and pay attention. 

"The bridges going in and out of both terminals, essentially, two lanes have been reduced to one lane," McBride said. "So there can be some traffic slowdowns as you enter there."

If you're flying this weekend, it's a good idea to check your flight status frequently and find out your airline's policies for cancellations in the event of a hurricane, because getting caught in the storm is enough to ruin anyone's holiday. 

Meanwhile, some members of the Kansas City Council are frustrated with developers of the new airport after a project brief from designers Thursday.

Councilman Lee Barnes is a skeptic about the new airport, and he said the project's goal posts always seem to move. 

"The numbers seem to move, they don't seem to quite have the numbers locked down. And we are 15% into the project," Barnes said. Councilman Dan Fowler is worried about the lack of an update on the community benefits deal, which would ensure transportation for workers and provide daycare for their kids. 

"I certainly talked about those things when I was out campaigning [for the new airport>," Fowler said. 

Fowler and other leaders want answers to their many questions.

A few updates were given by developers: new renderings for the terminal were presented and project managers revealed 23,000 job hours have been completed so far, with 13% of the work done by minorities, 3% by women and 3% by Kansas City residents. 

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