New Kansas City charter school seeks to expand STEM opportunities for girls

KMBZ News Staff
May 31, 2018 - 5:51 am

The Kansas City Public School System is opening a charter school designed to give girls a stronger emphasis in STEM education.

The Kansas City Girls Preparatory Academy opens in the fall of 2019. The school will provide opportunities that girls would not otherwise receive, said Tom Krebs, academy chief executive officer.

"We want to close that opportunity gap and directly address that inequity that exists in our current educational system by providing really strong, conceptually-grounded science, technology, engineering, arts and mathmatic education opportunities," Krebs said.

The school will start by enrolling 100 fifth graders, with plans to expand.

"Each year thereafter we'll add another 100 students to the school, so those fifth graders will graduate onto the sixth grade, and onto the seventh grade, and so forth," Krebs said.

The new free charter public school will help girls develop their own voices and build the academic skills and knowledge they need to succeed, Krebs said.

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