Neighbors rush to shore up levee near Orrick

Marc LaVoie
June 10, 2019 - 4:47 am

Kansas City, MO - Instead of taking in the warm weather and sun, farmers along a stretch of the Missouri River just east of Kansas City spent their weekend sandbagging.

Jeff Nail and others laid down nearly 15,000 sandbags near Orrick, in Ray County, and surrounding areas.

"We got the trailer and put the word out," Nail said. "We had 75 people over here in 30 minutes. Even people in the hills that have no chance of getting flooded were down here helping us."

The levee system near Orrick developed a break. The town is about 30 miles east-northeast of downtown Kansas City.

"Everybody's been on edge," Nail said. "I've seen a few people moving out, and a lot of people have been cleaning their basements out."

People who live in the area know the risk of a break will remain for several months. They check the levees up to three times a day.

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