Nearly 10 in quarantine in KC for potential exposure to Covid-19, the coronavirus

The people are being monitored for two weeks, just returned from China

KMBZ News Staff
February 20, 2020 - 7:49 am

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Kansas City, MO - The director of the KCMO Health Department told the city council there are nearly 10 people being monitored for potential coronavirus in the city.

Dr. Rex Archer says the people have recently returned from China, and are being quarantined in their own homes for 14 days, while healthcare workers monitor them for signs and symptoms of Covid-19, the current coronavirus causing concerns worldwide. 

"As the health department director, I am concerned," Archer said. But his concern is tinged with optimism, he says. 

Archer said none of the patients have showed any signs or symptoms of Covid-19.

Health officials aren't taking any chances, though. 

"There are those folks who have been in areas where they could have been potentially exposed," Archer said. "We're monitoring them twice a day."

Archer said that the health department is ready to step up their game if Coronavirus cases are confirmed in the city.

But for now, he the bigger concern for Kansas Citians should be the flu, which has killed three people in KC this season, said Archer.  

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