National Fire Safety Week focuses on home fire drills

Jim Cunningham
October 09, 2018 - 6:56 am

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Fire safety experts are asking people if they hold fire drills in their homes as part of National Fire Prevention Week.

The truth is, most people never hold fire drills at home or at their workplaces.

When school kids learn about fire safety, they are taught to have a family escape plan and have two escape routes.

"We want you to find two ways out of every room, we want you to have a plan to practice that plan and to make sure you can execute that plan," said Jason Rhodes, Overland Park Fire Department spokesman.

Families should hold two fire drills each year, Rhodes said. Families should also set up a meeting point outside the home, and once everyone is out, they must stay out.

"If that's someone who hasn't yet shown up at the meeting place, or an animal or some valuable, it's a desire always to want to go back in and save those things," Rhodes said. "That's a tragic mistake."

Above all, homes need working smoke alarms on every level and in all bedrooms, Rhodes said.

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