Mueller will have independence to fully investigate Trump, Russians

Former FBI director named as special counsel

May 18, 2017 - 7:22 am

Kansas City, MO - Law enforcement insiders believe most FBI agents are pleased to hear the Justice Department has appointed former director Robert Mueller as a special counsel to oversee the investigation into allegations of ties involving Russian agents and meddling with the 2016 presidential election.

In Kansas City, former assistant U.S. Attorney Pat McInerney told KMBZ that Mueller, a Washington veteran with an unblemished record for integrity, will be able to act as an unbiased analyst of the facts.

"Mueller is independent and outside of the chain of authority," McInerney said. "He is able to follow the investigation where it takes him."

Deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein decided to appoint Mueller after President Donald Trump's abrupt dismissal of FBI director James Comey, who claims the president asked him to halt the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

A special counsel has a narrow scope for his investigation but it is not uncommon for evidence to lead to topics not originally covered in the original appointment. 

"It's hard to say where it may take him at this point, but he's not beholden to a supervisory structure within the department," McInerney said.

Democrats who are already calling for impeachment say they see parallels between President Trump and President Richard Nixon, who resigned amid the Watergate scandal. McInerney does not see much validity in the comparison, at least not now.

"You have to remember, Watergate started out as a, I think the phrase is, a third-rate burglary at a Washington hotel," McInerney said. "The way this has started is very, very different." 

McInerney is now in private practice.

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