Mosquitoes are more than itchy, pesky pests

KMBZ Summer Safety Checklist

May 30, 2017 - 4:54 pm

Enjoy the outdoors now, because the mosquitoes will be buzzing around the Kansas City Metro soon enough.

Today on our Summer Safety Checklist - dealing with those pesky skeeters! 

Not only can mosquitos be annoying, and itchy... they do carry diseases like West Nile Virus, various forms of encephalitis, and more recently the Zika virus.

Though it should be pointed out, while we do have the Aedes aegypti & Aedes albopictus (pictured) mosquitos in the Kansas City region - Zika has not been found here.

One option for homeowners - hire a company to rid them for you.

A local company, the Mosquito Squad, uses gas-powered, backpack sprayers to apply a chemical perimeter to your home... spraying trees, shrubs and the lawn.  The treatment is good for about three weeks.

They do have an-all natural product, but franchise owner Phillip Howe says the mosquito knockdown rate is not as effective.

And remember - don't grow your own!

The CDC has recommendations on controlling mosquitoes at your home, including eliminating standing water by emptying buckets, birdbaths, flower pots and the like to eliminate potential mosquito breeding grounds.


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