Months behind schedule, KC workers continue to patch potholes

KMBZ News Staff
June 12, 2019 - 4:43 am

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Kansas City's Public Works Department is continuing its battle against potholes.

The winter and spring have been among the busiest ever for the crews responsible for fixing the potholes that are responsible for damage to vehicles all over the city.

"Since December we've patched 64,000 potholes, and that's using over 2,000 tons of asphalt," said Maggie Green, spokeswoman for the Public Works Department.

The freeze-and-thaw cycle that took place multiple times over the cold months created five to six times the typical number of potholes in the city's streets. Warmer temperatures during the unusually wet winter allowed water to seep deep into the pavement and ground beneath it. Freezes caused expansion, breaking the pavement apart.

Heavy spring rains only compounded conditions that made it difficult for crews to patch the holes that were left. Workers need continued dry weather to finish their work.

"We expect that no new potholes will form, and so that will allow us to wrap up the existing list that we're working off of right now," Green said. "We're hoping as soon as this rainy season's over we'll be able to catch up on the list."

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