MO dairy farm expands home delivery beyond milk as demand grows

Rebecca Crockett
April 30, 2020 - 10:34 am
promotional image of milkman delivering milk and produce

Shatto Milk

Kansas City, MO - A lot of businesses have taken a hit during the pandemic, but one Missouri company is milking it. Literally.

The Shatto Milk home delivery service has seen a doubling of its customers in the past six weeks, according to Matt Shatto, president. 

The operation is a family-owned dairy farm in Osborn, Missouri, north of the Kansas City Metro.

Shatto says they've expanded beyond delivering milk and into produce and meats from local suppliers. 

“We’ve hired about 10 new folks, we’ve purchased about four new vehicles, so things have been absolutely crazy," said Shatto.


Shatto says they haven’t had an issue getting products from suppliers as of yet, though they have put limits on certain items to keep them from running out.

“As you can imagine, places like Campo Lindo farm (in Lathrop, Mo), they can’t just ask their chickens to lay more eggs," says Shatto. " And the same with our milk company, we can’t just tell our cows to produce more milk, so we do have a limit on the amount.”

He says there’s been so much interest in their home delivery service there's a waiting list.




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