MO Attorney General files lawsuit against duck boat operators

Kara Marxer
August 31, 2018 - 3:52 pm

Attorney General Josh Hawley has filed a lawsuit asking a judge to stop Branson Duck Vehicles and Ripley Entainment from operating any duck boats in Missouri.

The operation in Branson has been shut down since the duck boat capsizing in July on Table Rock Lake, where 17 people drowned.  

The suit alleges the defendants have “been on notice for decades of ongoing safety hazards that posed a present and deadly danger to every person who boarded a duck boat. Defendants kept that information from passengers and made false promises, fraudulent statements, and misrepresentations to consumers that safety was a top priority when in actuality it was their own profits.”

In a news release Friday, Hawley said: "My hope is that this lawsuit will ensure that unsafe duck boats and companies who put profits ahead of safety will not continue to operate. Consumers have a reasonable expectation of safety and that was not met on July 19.”


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