MLB donation makes Negro Leagues Museum expansion possible

Marc LaVoie
March 04, 2020 - 6:44 am
Paseo YMCA Monarchs Mural

Marc Lavoie/ KMBZ


KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Major League Baseball and its players union pledged a million dollars to the museum on the centennial anniversary of the founding of the Negro National League.

Much of that money will go toward improvements at the Paseo YMCA nearby. Museum president Bob Kendrick told KMBZ that a key project will be to make the building accessible to the handicapped.

"As you know, those old buildings did not have any kind of entrances suitable for people with disabilities," Kendrick said. "And while we've been grandfathered in, it's important for us that every citizen has access to that space."

An elevator tower is in the long term plan, along with space for exhibits, presentations, classrooms and a library.

An act of vandalism caused a half-million dollars in water and mold damage. Kendrick said he hopes to have the 106-year-old building operating later this year, and at full operating capacity in 2021. 


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