Mizzou study finds minorities at greater risk of ending up back in a hospital after home health care

Kara Marxer
May 08, 2018 - 6:10 am

A new study from the University of Missouri says minorities are more likely to end up back in the hospital or the emergency room after a hospitalization.

Millions of Americans use home health care to continue their treatment from the comfort of home, but every year, many of those people end up back in hospital beds.

Researchers analyzed data from New Yorkers over the age of 65 who had recently been hospitalized.

"We did find that there were differences by racial-ethnic groups, in terms of a greater risk of re-hospitalization and ER use, in African-Americans, and a greater risk of ER use in Hispanic older adults," said Jo-Ana Chase, an assistant professor in MU’s Sinclair School of Nursing

The statistics show recently-hospitalized black people were 45 percent more likely to visit the ER and 34 percent more likely to admitted to the hospital than their white counterparts.

Individual clinical factors accounted only for a tiny portion of the disparity, and the study shows the need to do more research into the quality and types of home health services that minorities receive, Chase said.

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