Missouri lawmakers head to Jefferson City for special session

June 12, 2017 - 6:37 am

Some Missouri legislators are upset they have to go back to Jefferson City Monday for a second special session.

Gov. Eric Greitens called the special session to address a St. Louis ordinance which he believes allows employers to discriminate against pro life advocates.

"We had in St. Louis some radical politicians who wanted to create what they called an abortion sanctuary city where a pro-life organization or a pregnancy care center, where it would be illegal for them, if they're a pro-life organization, just to hire pro-life workers," Greitens said in an exclusive interview with KMBZ. 

The governor also wants new abortion regulations including annual inspections of clinics. Northland state senator Ryan Silvey, a fellow Republican, disagrees with Greitens. 

"Special sessions are for extraordinary circumstances that are time-sensitive," Silvey said. "It's going to cost the taxpayers several hundred dollars, probably, or at least a couple hundred thousand dollars, to bring us back into session."

The new regulations will be challenged in court, and may not become law, Silvey said. 

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