Missouri Gas Energy name change to reflect new ownership

September 14, 2017 - 7:03 am

You can goodbye to Missouri Gas Energy, at least in name.

The utility is one of a handful that have been acquired by St. Louis-based Spire. 

"Our promise was to change the names of all of our natural gas utility companies," said Suzanne Sitherwood, Spire CEO. "September 25 is "Go Orange Day," and that's the day we will officially become Spire at our four gas companies."

MGE customers will begin seeing orange Spire logos on company vehicles in their neighborhoods. Employees will receive new uniforms that include orange shirts.

Utility bills that used to be marked with MGE will soon include Spire stationery.

The name change unites all of the companies under a single brand and, in turn, makes it easier for the company to fire on all cylinders, especially when there's a problem, Sitherwood said.

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