Missouri enters uncharted territory as Greitens goes on trial

Kara Marxer
May 14, 2018 - 5:35 am

Getty Images North America - Craig Barritt / Stringer


Gov. Eric Greitens will become the first sitting governor in Missouri history to go on trial for a felony this week.

As the trial is going on in St. Louis County, the state legislature meets in a special session to begin the process of impeaching Greitens, who is charged with felony invasion of privacy. He is also charged with felony computer tampering in a separate matter.

 "It's a path that has not been walked down before," said Pat McInerney, former federal prosecutor and attorney with Spencer Fane LLC in Kansas City.

The trial and the potential impeachment are creating a lot of work for lawyers. Even if the Governor is found guilty during this week's trial, he will remain in office for the time being. 

"Conviction does not mean he is automatically removed, it is not part of the sentencing structure in Missouri, McInerney said. "That is purely a political function, and that is what the impeachment process is for."

A former Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court said last week it is possible for Gov. Greitens to pardon himself, if he is convicted. McInerney said that would be uncharted territory.

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