Missouri abortion rights advocates protest Planned Parenthood license denial

Marc LaVoie
June 24, 2019 - 6:39 am

Michael B. Thomas - Getty Images News


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- About 200 protestors marched to the Missouri governor's mansion Saturday morning to make their voices heard about abortion.

The demonstrators are angry about the Missouri Health Department's denial of a license renewal for the Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Louis. The clinic is the only facility in the state that provides abortion services. It remains open under a judge's temporary order.

"It is still very, very difficult to access abortion in Missouri because of medically unnecessary hoops and regulations, but you can still come to Planned Parenthood today for all of your reproductive healthcare," said M'Evie Mead on Friday. She is director of Planned Parenthood Advocates in Missouri.

Health officials say Planned Parenthood personnel will not talk with them so they can conduct necessary investigations into their procedures.

Dr. Randall Williams, the state's top health official said Friday that Planned Parenthood would no longer be required to perform pelvic exams on women 72 hours before they could get an abortion, plus another on the day of the abortion. Mead called the exams "state-mandated sexual assault." 

Missouri and other states have passed new restrictions on abortions. Pro-life lawmakers hope the U.S. Supreme Court will someday overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that legalized abortion across the country.

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