Meteor shower caught during helicopter traffic report in Kansas City

Bright flashes appear briefly over KC

Travis Walker
April 12, 2017 - 2:25 pm

Kansas City, MO - Pilot Johnny Rowlands was preparing for a traffic report over Kansas City for KMBC when moments after turning on the cockpit camera several bright flashes are caught in the sky.

WATCH: Video shows what appears to be a burst of meteors streaking across the morning sky.

This month, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are being treated to the Lyrid Meteor Shower, the dusty trail of a comet, which will peak on April 22, 2017.

Today's sighting over Kansas City could be an early part of the display, or could have been a random, but typical, meteor shower.



Monday night, those on the West Coast were treated to a rather big flash as an apparent meteor broke up in the atmosphere, providing plenty of action on social media.

Was at the taco shop when this baby decided to light up the sky with a blue/green flash, heck yes I made a wish.... the universe is on my side. After a tough day this was a beautiful experience ... -- #Meteor #Magical #DidYouSeeIt #LitTheDarkSkyForABeautifulSec

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