McCaskill on campaign loss: Rural Missouri in love with Donald Trump

KMBZ News Staff
December 17, 2018 - 7:02 am

Scott Olson - Getty Images North America


Sen. Claire McCaskill sat down for a candid weekend interview with KMBC Channel 9 News after her scathing speech on the Senate floor on Thursday in which she railed about political dysfunction and hyper-partisanship.

McCaskill said she hated losing to Republican Josh Hawley, the current Missouri Attorney General.

She said her loss did not come because she focused too much on urban voters and issued.

"My problem was not that I wasn't showing I cared about rural Missouri," McCaskill told KMBC political reporter Michael Mahoney. "My problem was that rural Missouri is in love with Donald Trump."

Hawley aligned himself with Trump, who made appearances on his behalf. 

McCaskill said one thing that continues to bother her is a hidden camera video, taken by the conservative Veritas organization, which shows a McCaskill campaign worker admitting she secretly received donations from Planned Parenthood.

"It's very clear the (Missouri) Merchandise Practicing Act prohibits that, and if this had happened in a private business, Josh Hawley would have been having a press conference about it," McCaskill said.

Hawley cited the Veritas video in a campaign email.

McCaskill said she had yet to hear from Hawley in the transition process.

"I would be happy to help," McCaskill said. "I certainly reached out to Sen. (Jim) Talent when I came to the Senate."


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