McCaskill and Hawley trade verbal jabs in final debate of Senate campaign

Marc LaVoie
October 26, 2018 - 5:46 am

KMBC Channel 9 News


Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill and Republican challenger, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, faced off for their final debate before the Nov. 6 election on KMBC Channel 9.

The two sparred over a variety of issues, including healthcare. Hawley responded to a question about the Affordable Care Act and pre-existing conditions.

"We do not need Obamacare to cover people with pre-existing conditions, and I've said the federal re-insurance is one way to do it," Hawley said. "Sen. McCaskill has signed on to a federal re-insurance bill after attacking me relentlessly in the most personal terms."

"The re-insurance bill you talked about, yeah, I'm for it," McCaskill fired back. "I wish he'd call his buddy, Mitch McConnell, and get him to let us vote on it -- he promised us a vote on it."

The two candidates seemed to find some common ground on immigration. 

"I stand foursquare with the president that he should use any tool at his disposal to make sure our border is never overrun," McCaskill said.

"The president needs to take whatever steps are necessary, if that means closing the border, he should do it," Hawley said. "This is a potential national security crisis that is brewing by the hour."

Hawley said McCaskill stands in opposition to the best parts of the president's agenda, but the incumbent said she votes with Trump 50 percent of the time.

Most polling has the Missouri race for U.S. Senate as a toss-up. Real Clare Politics gives Hawley a slight edge while from ABC News gives McCaskill the edge.

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