Man turns to social media to restore 19th century home

The Sauer Castle in Kansas City, Kansas is rumored to be haunted

Bill Grady
October 30, 2017 - 7:08 am

A man has made it his mission to save a Kansas City, Kansas landmark that overlooks the Kaw River.

Sauer Castle, complete with a four-story tower, was built in the late 19th century in the Italiante style. The original owner was Anton Sauer, an Austrian immigrant, and it has gone through multiple owners over the decades.

The old home is vacant now, and it has fallen into disrepair.

Jason Simmons, a local history buff, started a Facebook campaign, with the hope that the city, or the current owner will find the funds to bring the castle back to it's former glory.

Part of the lore of the castle is that it is haunted.  

"There was a gentleman there that was a neighbor, and he swears up and down he saw an apparition going through the windows," Simmons said. "There have been many reports that I've read about people seeing things."

Four deaths were reported on the property over the years, including a baby girl who drowned in the swimming pool. 

The point of the Facebook campaign is not to accuse anyone of neglecting the home. The idea is to let people know that an architectural gem with a colorful history needs help, Simmons said.

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