Lunar eclipse to give us a blue, blood red, supermoon over Kansas City

Dan Weinbaum
January 30, 2018 - 4:33 pm

Kansas City, MO - Look to the sky Wednesday morning to catch a phenomenon not seen in more than 150 years - a super, blue, blood moon.

A total lunar eclipse is pairing with some other phenomenon to create quite the sight before the full moon sets on January 31st.

So explain...

The moons's orbit will be close - thats makes it a "Supermoon".

It's the second full moon within a calendar month - that's what makes it "Blue".

And the "Blood"? That's from the eclipse and the light bending in Earth's atmosphere to give the light from the moon a deep rust, or blood, color.

Look to the west just before the moon sets. 

In Kansas City, the eclipse begins just before 5:00am. We won't see the total eclipse, but pretty close.

The maximum coverage we'll see occurs just before 7:00am.


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