Local agencies combine resources to address opioid epidemic

Kara Marxer
November 09, 2017 - 6:28 am

Thursday Kansas City-area leaders are looking at ways to help opioid addicts and prevent more people from getting hooked. 

Stakeholders from the Jackson County Health Department, the city of Kansas City and the regional opioid task force are holding a summit to talk about a problem that continues to worsen. 

Statistics show a 35 percent spike in the number of opioid deaths in Missouri.

"I think we all realize we're unable to make a huge impact individually, so coming together in a forum such as this to discuss various aspects of substance abuse disorder relative to the opioid epidemic is key," said Teesha Miller, director of Jackson County's new prescription drug monitoring program. 

The monitoring program was initiated in April.

 "There's not just one thing, so we're looking at creating a model prevention and treatment community," Miller said. "We have to deploy all of our resources."

The goal of the summit is simple, to save lives. 

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