A little homework can help prevent home repair scams

It is easy to check on a contractor license number

Jim Cunningham
June 19, 2017 - 5:53 am

Summer is a busy time for home improvement and repairs, and a lot of those repairs are done improperly because people hire unlicensed contractors who may try to cheat them or cut corners.

One way to avoid hiring an untrained, unqualified contractor is by getting up-to-date contractor listings through the Johnson County Contractor Licensing program. 

Contractors need to be qualified to work in the county, which means they need to have set up company insurance and workman's compensation insurance, said Russell Thornburg, manager for county licensing.

 "There's a number of things that a person who comes in wants to open up their business, that needs to be in line, and that's what we call by qualified," Thornburg said.

To see if a contractor is licensed in Johnson County, call 715-2233 to verify the status of any license.

Residents may also check a contractor’s status by using the licensed contractor search feature on the JOCO County website.

Another resource for finding contractor licenses elsewhere in Kansas, Missouri and other states is available through the Free Public Records Directory website.

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