A list of highways closed by flooding in the Kansas City region

KMBZ News Staff
May 21, 2019 - 3:31 pm

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Kansas City, MO - The Missouri Depart of Transportation (MODOT) has closed a number of roads due to flooding brought about by the recent torrential rains. 

Below is a list of roads closed in counties in the KC Metro and beyond: 


Cass County

State Route 58 - CLOSED between Front St. and BU Highway 7 since 5/21/2019.

State Route 58 - CLOSED between Walnut Street and Hilltop Road since 5/21/19.

State Route E – CLOSED between MO 58 and Reynolds Rd. since 5/21/2019.


Clay County

US Hwy 69 – CLOSED at Route 33 since 5/21/2019.


Jackson County

US 24 - CLOSED Harris Ave. and Vassar St. since 5/21/2019. 


Johnson County

State Route 23 - CLOSED at the Black Water River between County Roads 950 and 1125 since 5/19/2019.

State Route B - CLOSED between County Road 1150 and 1200 5/21/2019.

State Route E - CLOSED between Route MM and Route CC since 5/21/2019.


Lafayette County

State Route 224 - CLOSED between PVT MFA and First St. since 5/21/2019.

State Route 224 - CLOSED at the Missouri River between Highland Ave. and Giblin Hill Rd. since 5/18/2019.

State Route D - CLOSED over Sni-a-bar Creek at Route FF since 5/18/2019.

State Route FF – CLOSED between German Church Rd and Route 131 since 5/21/2019.


Pettis County

State Route O – CLOSED over Muddy Creek at Farmers City Rd. since 5/21/2019.


Platte County

State Route B - CLOSED over Little Platte River at Route KK since 5/21/2019.

State Route E - CLOSED over Dicks Creek between Dicks Creed Rd. and Skinner Lake Rd. since 5/21/2019.

State Route KK - CLOSED between Smith Rd. and Route B since 5/21/2019.


Ray County

State Route D - CLOSED  between Murray Rd. and Coon Branch Rd. since 5/21/2019.


Saline County

State Route 127 - CLOSED at Salt Pond between 145th Rd. and 150th Rd. since 5/21/2019.

Outer Road 70 – CLOSED at Blackwater between I-70 to Route 127 since 5/21/2019.

State Route VV - CLOSED at Brushy Creek between 140th Rd. and 130thRd. since 5/21/2019.

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