KU complies with Gov. Jeff Colyer's demand to take down flag display

Dan Weinbaum
July 12, 2018 - 5:59 am

An art display on the University of Kansas campus raised the ire of the governor Wednesday, and the school removed it not long after.

The art installation is called "Pledges of Allegiance." It is part of a privately-funded nationwide public art project that began last year. Sixteen flags, each created by an artist to reflect the current political climate, are hoisted for a time on a flagpole.

The last flag in the year-long series on 14 college campuses, the one raised last week outside Spooner Hall in Lawrence, depicts an American flag with abstract black smudging on it.

Once he learned of the artwork Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer demanded its immediate removal, saying the flag had been desecrated. Other conservative politicians also called for its removal.

The Spencer Museum of Art at KU said on Twitter the series is intended to raise discussion about topics of national importance. And that the black color field on the flag is an abstracted representation of the U.S. divided in two parts.

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