KSU halts classes to protest racial incidents, as some events prove fake or overblown

Marc LaVoie
November 15, 2017 - 3:36 am

Manhattan, KS - Students, faculty and administrators at Kansas State University took time away from class Tuesday to conduct a "Unity Walk", a demonstration against racially-charged incidents that have recently taken place around campus. 

Some incidents have turned out to be fake, or quickly assumed to be racism or anti-Semitism.

Recently near campus, a young black man painted racist messages on his car as part of a Halloween prank.

Some people believed a Jewish display on campus had been vandalized, but the structure had been blown over by wind from a storm. 

Other incidents appear to be genuine - racist flyers were found on campus in September, and an anti-gay slur was discovered outside the student union in October.

Black Student Union President Darryl Reece called for students to respect their differences.

"This starts with loving one another as one has loved us," Reese said. "To say that I am my brother's keeper, to say that I am my sister's keeper, once you step foot on this campus or in this community, no matter where you come from, the color of your skin, or your religious background, together we make a family."

Members of the faculty agreed with Reese's sentiment.

"This was important enough to make a statement and say, hey, we're cutting everything off, and we're going to demonstrate that it's important for us to unify and come together," said Dr. Charles Rankin, professor at K-State's College of Education.

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