Know what's in your 'healthy' food before starting a diet

KMBZ News Staff
January 03, 2019 - 6:51 am

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Sometimes, foods chosen for health and diet reasons are causing people to pack on the pounds.

With about a third of American adults qualifying as obese, losing weight is a popular choice for people who are making New Year's resolutions.

Dieting is complicated by unhealthy foods masqerading as healthy through marketing campaigns. Just one example, baked snack chips, which can fool someone into eating too much. 

"Having a chip is not necessarily a great choice, but having the chip that you want is probably the healthiest choice, just having a little bit less of it," said Bethany Frazier, a registered dietitian.

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Some wheat breads have the same glycemic index as white bread, which eliminates their supposed health benefits. 

Fruit smoothies are a popular choice among exercisers who are trying to embark on healthier living. They drinks are full of sugars, so it is important to make sure fruit is not the main ingredient.

"Make sure you have a good protein source in those smoothies, so protein powder is fine," Frazier said. "You could even put in something like Greek yogurt, or a milk that has protein in it."

Dried fruit is a good option for snacking while people are on the go, but it is necessary to reduce portion sizes and check labels for added sugar, Frazier said.

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