KMBZ takes a ghost tour of the Wornall house

Some say it's a hot spot for the supernatural

Michael Ronnebaum
October 21, 2017 - 7:48 am

Kansas City, MO - Some believe the John Wornall House is a hot spot for ghost activity. 

Built in the 1850's, the home at 6115 Wornall Road served as a field hospital in the Battle of Westport during the Civil War. Surgeons were known to carry out amputations on the dining room table. 

Now a museum, tour guide Sarah Bader-King says some have experienced strange activity, "In the dining room, sometimes people will feel nauseous or ill or very upset.  But when they step out of the room they feel totally normal as if nothing happened to them."

Mr. Wornall had several children who died from disease at a young age.  Bader-King says she has heard strange noises coming from the children's bedroom.

"We have a large rocking horse and it was literally in the very middle of the room, and normally it's off to the side.  One morning I asked some of our volunteers if they had moved it and they didn't.  So that was a little strange and a little creepy". 

The Wornall/Majors Museum is holding Ghost Tours October 20, 21, 27, 28. But if you don't have a ticket already, you maybe out of luck. All dates are sold out.


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