King penguin chick hatches at KC Zoo during snowstorm, named 'Blizzard'

KMBZ News Staff
January 16, 2019 - 2:37 pm

Kansas City Zoo


Kansas City, MO - For the first time a king penguin has hatched at the Kansas City Zoo.

The chick earned the name "Blizzard" having emerged from its egg on Sunday, January 13th following a heavy snowstorm in Kansas City.

The zoo has been home to several king penguins since 2013, but until recently none had made a 'love connection', according to the zoo.

The first egg was laid in late November, and parents Jilly and Dwane took turns holding the egg on their feet to keep it warm during the 53-day incubation period.

Zookeepers are monitoring Blizzard to make sure the chick is healthy and is gaining wieght.


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