Kim agrees to denuclearize, but methodology, timeline unclear

Marc LaVoie
June 12, 2018 - 5:46 am

Getty Images AsiaPac


President Donald Trump says North Korea has a "substantial arsenal" of nuclear weapons and the summit should have happened five years ago.

At a news conference early Tuesday after his meeting with Kim Jong Un, Trump discussed efforts to press him to get rid of its nuclear weapons.

The president says that the U.S. doesn't have a lot of intelligence on the country but that "we have enough intelligence to know that what they have is very substantial."

The president says Kim understands what the U.S. has been pushing for in the talks. Trump says, "I think he's going to do these things." 

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill had already taken President Trump to task over trade tariffs, and she said she started worrying, when just a few days ago, Trump hinted that he was thinking about inviting Kim Jong Un to the White House.

"Kim Jong Un is someone who kills his own family to hold onto power," McCaskill said. "Kim Jong Un doesn't even know what a democracy smells like, much less would he ever embrace one."

Trump in his news conference said he had invited Kim to the executive mansion. There was not immediate word of concessions that would be required of the North Korean leader to qualify for that honor.

Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt talked with KMBZ ahead of the summit. 

"I think the outcome of this meeting has to be a path that assures us that they are going to denuclearize, not have nuclear capacity, move in another direction," Blunt said.

Kim Jong Un announced that he reiterated his commitment to denuclearize, but the signed agreement did not include a timeline or method of destruction for the North's arsenal.

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